About Her

A versatile, athletic chocolate woman of God who enjoys culturally organic conversations and discovering digital platforms that bridge together diverse demographics.

Kourtney Brodnax is an outgoing, poised, enthusiastic and hard working young woman. She takes pride in her successes and acknowledges her weaknesses while constantly creating new ideas for the future benefit of her community. Originally from Los Angeles but raised in Culver City aka “Silicon Beach”, her parents’ entrepreneurial success in the sports and entertainment industry has given her an edge on business formalities from an early age. Currently, Kourtney is a student athlete at Whittier College working towards a Whittier Scholars liberal arts degree entitled Critical Studies In Media Marketing.

Growing up Kourtney was a multi-sport athlete who still creatively performs well under pressure. Outside of her lane assignment, Kourtney is the Director of Social Media for two campus organizations, club president, peer mentor, overnight host and an Executive Human Resources Intern for Target. After obtaining her M.A. in Strategic Communications, Kourtney aspires to become apart of a thriving digital marketing team where she is constantly able to create, grow, innovate and inspire the world. Primarily, with her passion for technology, she aims to build long-term relationships with clients and sponsors in order to strengthen company loyalty. Additionally, her goal is to maintain corporate social responsibilities and make sure clients are always treated like champions.

Currently, Kourtney is in the process of starting a non profit for girls of color interested in STEM and technology careers. She believes in paying it forward and aims to create confidence, strengthen self esteem and educate minority females in her community. In her free time, you can find Kourtney (or KB) snap chatting her heart out, parasailing, or swimming in someone’s water until her fingers prune. She loves to laugh, attend sporting events and travel. Occasionally, you’ll find her fumbling through every hair care isle searching for the right natural hair product or throwing all of the double stuffed oreos on the shelf in her basket.  Every day she lives by the motto, “Be passionate about your purpose” and both biblical quotes- Jeremiah 1:19 and 29:11.